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Travel russia lake baikal tours siberia article

Lake Baikal | Tour Siberia

Picture yourself gliding over crystal clear Arctic rivers on a raft made of frozen Lake Baikal water.

Russia travel moscow tours article

Moscow | Tour Russia

A visit to Moscow is a voyage to sights unseen and tastes unsampled, in a world unlike any you know.

Kamchatka article

Kamchatka | Tour Siberia

A place where civilization takes a backseat to the commanding majesty of mother nature.

St.petersburg1 article

St Petersburg | Tour Russia

Tour the world’s northernmost major city on a lazy canal circuit, or ride through snowy streets as the residents have done for centuries, in a traditional horse drawn troika. Anyway you see it, St Petersburg will take your breath away and change the way you see Russia forever.

Travel to russai altai mountains siberia tours article

Altai Republic | Tour Siberia

The Altai republic region is, in a word, "diverse."

Russia travel yakutis siberia oimyakon tours pole of cold article

Yakutia | Tour Siberia

Yakutia is an enigmatic gem, one of the rare places on Earth where vast wild spaces – mountains, rivers, lakes, taiga and tundra – have been left completely untouched by civilization.

Oymyakon boy 725x320 article

The Pole of Cold | The Coldest Places on Earth | Russian Tour

One of the coldest places on earth, and the coldest area to be inhabited all year round is Oymyakon – the Pole of Cold. Inhabitants survive in an area where the temperature has reached -71,2 С.

Sochi olympics tourch 725x320 article

Sochi 2014: The Most Expensive Olympics Ever

$51 billion dollars. That’s how much Russia is projecting to spend on the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, making it by far the most expensive olympics ever held.

Screen shot 2015 06 04 at 6.55.34 pm article

Catch Em All: Siberia's 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The largest, deepest, and oldest freshwater lake in the world needs no introduction. Skate on its frozen surface in winter. Swim in its azure depths in summer. ice raft in the spring. Home to any activity you can imagine (seriously), Lake Baikal is the focal point for any Siberian trip.

Yakutia permafrost 725x320 article

The Kingdom of Eternal Winter: Yakutia

A glittering transparent door swings open to an underground cavern where winter never ends. Welcome to the icy domain of the Yakutia’s Kingdom of Permafrost.

Inside natashas picture article

The Magical Ice Caves of Kamchatka

Keep this to yourself, but what we have here is a place unlike anywhere else on earth. From the land of fire and ice comes the magical ice in Kamchatka.

Russian sochi 2014 winter olympics commemorative coins 725x304 article

Slopestyle - Sochi's New Winter Olympic Sport

Russia knows how to get a crowd on its feet and “slopestyle” is how they intend to do it for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Screen shot 2015 06 04 at 7.02.25 pm article

A Guide to Russia's 12 Best Ski Resorts

Russia has Europe’s tallest ski slope, the world’s largest snowy territory, and the longest ski season around. Get ready for some gnar at 12 epic ski resorts.

826b0589 8d93 41af 8aa0 d15694970409 article

Siberia's Cool Beats On Frozen Lake Baikal

Nature’s perfect instrument or a freak coincidence - either way the haunting otherworldly tones of Lake Baikal’s “ice drums” are a sound unlike anything on earth...

Ice skating lake baikal 725x320 article

Lake Baikal: The World's Largest Ice Skating Rink

Want to explore Lake Baikal? Then there is no better way than to get on top of it. At least, that’s what intrepid ice skater, Daniel Korzhonova did.