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Rtw packing list article

Minimalist Packing For Normal People

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from over a decade of long haul travel it’s this…every trip is exactly the same.

Digital tips cloud article

Packing for the Cloud: Digital Packing List

Migrating your life to the cloud can be confusing–even scary–but fear not. Here are a few ways to prep for your first trip abroad with your “digital backpack.”

Backpack evolution article

The Evolution of the Modern Backpack

The only difference between backpacks and Stone Age tools is that backpacks are only about 130 years old.

Does your backpack fit article

Does Your Backpack Fit? Use these GIFS!

At the end of the day, fit is all that matters. So let’s breakdown the simple, five-step process—in the right order—you need to follow make your backpack to fit like a glove.

Travel gear wish list article

Travel Wish List: 23 Items to Make You Drool

Below is a complete rundown of the best travel tech, travel clothing, travel gadgets, and gizmos for all your trips in 2016. Enjoy!

International festival destinations 2016 article

International Destinations: 12 Crazy Festivals for 2016

Timing is everything when it comes to mind-blowing travel. Here's your list of 12 epic festivals and events across the globe for every single month of the year.

Las vegas guide article

Las Vegas: The Complete Guide to the Strip

You don’t have to be Sinatra to have a great time in Vegas. Actually, if you want to have a good time, you should never, ever wear a fedora. So hopefully you’ve got that going for you.

Gear rental guide article

Rent, Don't Buy: Your Gear Guide for Big Time Adventures

From Patagonia to Nepal, the cheapest, easiest, option for even the toughest adventures might be gear rental. Here’s your Complete Guide to Gear Rental Options in 5 Popular Adventure Destinations.

Digital nomad buying guide article

The Ultimate Digital Nomad's Buying Guide

“Work from anywhere and see the world.” That’s the dream, right? But is it really that easy to become a digital nomad, and if you make the leap, what gear do you need?

Grab go rome article

Packing for 3 Days in Rome

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Rome for a layover, 3-day trip, week-long vacation, or for the rest of your life. Hopefully you visit more than once.

Getting around north america article

Getting Around in North America: Ultimate Guide to Transportation

Distance, weather, and cost are just some of the obstacles you'll face when planning a trip across North America. To save you a few dead ends, here's an exhaustive look at air, train, bus, and local transit in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Travel for singles article

Travel for Singles: Your Guide to Solo Travel

Travel for singles might sound lonely, but once you get over a few hurdles solo travel is kind of awesome. In fact, solo travel is often more social than traveling with a significant other or close friend could ever be.

How to travel laundry article

How to do Laundry While Traveling

Checked bag fees are expensive and sifting through a behemoth top-loading backpack for your toothbrush after lights out is super fun. The secret to traveling with a smaller lighter bag is simple—bring less stuff and wash it once in a while.

Last minute trips article

Last Minute Trips to Anywhere: Finding the Best Deals

What does same-day travel look like? More importantly, what does it really cost? To find out, I packed a bag, grabbed my laptop, and headed to the airport. Here’s what happened:

Biohacking travel article

Biohacking Your Travel Routines

While it sounds intimidating and even a little extreme, “biohacking” isn’t mad science or Crossfit run amok—it’s simply trying to become the best version of yourself. But if you’ve ever traveled for a few weeks, you know just how hard it is to take care of your body.