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Shawn Forno - Travel Writer, Content Manager, Blogger, Copywriter. I travel the world for months with just a carry on bag. And so can you.

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Why I Quit My Low Paying Job to Travel the World

I have this crazy idea to quit my low-paying job, and travel the world. I’m just scared of what might happen...

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Invisible Without Ink: The Last Brooklyn Bartender Without Tattoos

I am a Brooklyn bartender without tattoos, and that’s OK.

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6 Steps to Start Freelance Writing

No Experience? No Problem. Here are 6 things every freelance writer can do to launch their career.

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Travel in Your 30’s vs. Your 20's

Spoiler alert: Travel just gets better with age.

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The Quantum Mechanics of Travel

How you use superposition and wave function collapse every time you travel. Seriously.

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The Year of the American Traveler: How Travel Might Actually Make America Great Again

From Benjamin Franklin to budget backpackers, travel has always been the cultural vaccine against ignorance, intolerance, fear and hate.

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How Do You Know When It’s Safe to Go? – On Your Terms

An Advisory Guide to Travel Advisories...

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Pokemon Go is an Amazing Travel App – On Your Terms

How the spread of augmented reality will open up the world for travelers.

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Your Carry On Zombie Apocalypse Kit

How to Pack a TSA-Approved Zombie Survival Kit.