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117cuo4 article

6 Weird Things Every Bartender Knows | Shiftgig

Bartenders are social ninjas. We can feel the mood from a thousand yards, and better yet, we can do something about it. Discover 6 more superpowers you get working behind the bar...

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8 Bartending Skills that Transfer Over into Real Life

Here are just eight of the skills you’ll master as a bartender that are guaranteed to make you a better, happier, sexier, more fulfilled person....

Bar commandments article

The 10 Bar Commandments

Thou shalt not: charge thy phone, snap thy fingers, or short thy tip.

And more...

K3lme article

“I Got 99 Problems and Bad Tips Ain't One” - 4 Totally Unexpected ...

Patrons suck. But the dark side of bartending is way worse than the occasional crappy tip. Find out how rough it really is with these 4 completely unexpected bartender problems...

Cheers leonardo dicaprio article

20 Things Everyone Should do in a Bar at Least Once

Everyone wants to smash a bottle, run the table, buy a round, and dominate the jukebox. Here are things everyone should do at least once in a bar. Do not repeat.

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How Real Bartenders "Clean Up"

Bartenders rake in more than tips. From bathroom disasters to chemical spills, learn how real bartenders clean up. Hint: It's gross.

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From Tinder to Instagram: 7 Things Bartenders Hate About Your Phone

Cell phones revolutionized the way we live. Unfortunately, that “revolution” turned us all into self-involved social black holes with no concept of “other people.” Especially at the bar.

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Working in an Office Sucks. Be a Bartender. | Shiftgig

Ditch the set schedule, TPS reports, and Mondays. Be a bartender.

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4 Specifically Horrifying Bartender Injuries | Shiftgig

You get more than big tips and digits working behind the bar. Say hello to injuries like bar rot, back pain, repetitive stress and more.

Hospitality drinking spiral article

A Brief Timeline of Drinking Habits in the Hospitality Industry | Shiftgig

Drinking after your shift can quickly go from "just one" to "where has my life gone." If you can't remember what the sun looks like, this timeline is for you.

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Which State Has the Most Bartenders? You May Be Surprised...

Montana. That's right, the odds of running into a jigger-wielding mixologist are higher in Helena than in Hollywood, because pound for pound, Montana is the land of the bartender.

Hx3m78 article

Funniest Things You’ve Seen When Serving People on a Date

The best part of bartending isn’t hooking up. It’s watching other people hook up. Or try to.

1681842 slide screen shot 2013 05 21 at 34411 pm article

The Robot Apocalypse Will Be Drunk

Forget judgement day - the only bombs robots will be dropping on humans in the near future are jager bombs. Robot bartenders are here...and they're good.

German drinking game   shiftgig article

German Drinking Games are Awesome. And Hard.

German drinking games make everyone else look weak.

Tips for memorization article

Take Orders Like a Boss: Tips for Memorization

Say it with me: “Seat, Meat, Heat, Feet, Delete.”